10 Things I Learned From Disney’s Maleficent

Thought Catalog

1. Love hurts and heals.

Those we love hold the key to our heart and, because of this, they are the ones capable of breaking it, too. A stranger cannot hurt us because they have not been granted access to that sacred place in which we are soft and fragile. Inversely, those who love us are also the ones who can help us heal when we lay broken.

Loved ones can cause a pain so great it brings us down mid-flight, leaving us feeling as if we have been stripped of our wings (which is literally what Stefan did to Maleficent), but they can also soothe us in such a manner that they restore our ability to fly and truly lift us up to the place where we belong (Aurora’s role in Maleficent’s life).

Likewise, great is the power we hold over those who love us and who have entrusted…

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