23 Things You Always Put Off (That You Should Finally Do This Year)

Thought Catalog

1. Donating all the old clothes that no longer fit you or you haven’t touched in years. Rearrange your closet in the process so that your favorite things are always accessible for the days when you need a little extra confidence boost, but only keep the things that you will actually wear and serve as an extension of what you love, what you feel comfortable in, and how you’d like the world to see you.

2. Learning how to do something new — whether it’s dancing, cooking, swimming, folding fitted sheets, or becoming versed in the art of fine wine. Regardless of whether that involves enrolling in a class or just going out on the ledge and doing it without worrying whether or not you’re “bad” at it.

20th Century Fox / YouTube20th Century Fox / YouTube

3. Instead of waiting around for the kind of romantic gesture that makes you feel something all…

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