46 Girls On The One Thing They Wish Guys Would Do In Relationships

Thought Catalog

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We all have really warped views about what a relationship ought to look like — whether it’s from Hollywood, your friends’ seemingly perfect relationships, or fairytale ideals, it’s easy to get caught up in grand, sweeping gestures of what guys and girls “should” be doing. But often, it’s the little things that leave you with stars in your eyes and make you remember that person. I polled 46 women on those little things they wish the guy in their life or their future would do — and it turns out the things they’re asking for aren’t 5 karat rings.

1. “I know this is dumb, but the other day, my boyfriend actually commented on one of my Instagram posts and engaged with me on social. He doesn’t really use Instagram and rarely likes posts, so I feel special whenever he makes that little…

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