fuck everything

I’d rather be dead than living a lie

pretending you’re happy, living  and all

but inside you’re fucking dying

it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m wishing I’m dead

what a happy life this is

it would be the BEST birthday tomorrow

woop dee doo

I’d kill myself

but I’m scared of dying

but isn’t that everyone’s fate?


I don’t know

I believe some people still lives even if they’re dead

somehow some of them feels like they’re still here

maybe not physically but in the hearts of other people

I don’t even have to mention names

no one loves me

at least that’s what the demon in my head is saying

no one appreciates every single fucking thing I do for them

no one sees the little things I make

I’m sick of pretending

I’m sick of trying

everyone’s mad at me

even myself. everything’s my fault

I’m better off dead. if someone would kill me now, I’d even thank them.


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