Manila Int’l Book Fair: book-signing sched + t-shirt Raffle + free tickets!


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Click on image to enlarge. Schedule of new title authors’ & illustrators’ signing.
Many more book creators present at the booth!

September is just around the corner! This year’s Manila International Book Fair, the biggest convention of local and international publishers in the country, will be held from September 17 to 21 (Wed-Sat) this year, still at the SMX Convention Center.

Let us be the first to invite you to mark your calendars for this event, for which we have again prepared many surprises! We can’t possibly fit everything into one post, so we will start this off with the final book-signing schedule of our new title authors and illustrators. (See above image.) Of course, there will be many more authors and illustrators available at our booth so drop by anytime and you might just spot your favorite book creator there! As usual, we are giving out free printable MIBF…

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April 20,2014

Heyyy. It’s been a long time. I’m lazy so deal with it.(lol kidding)


Anyway, it’s Easter Sunday today. Happy Easter everyone. Hope you’re having a great one. As for me, it’s quite an awesome day. Today is the day when me and my friends (Papat and Carmela..hellooo if ever you’re reading this)  talked about our “future business” together. We didn’t expect that we’ll be talking about it. It’s really funny because we started our days like we were very high?? (we don’t do drugs, neither drink alcohol) Like we all slept late. I slept at 1am and I took 2 doses of my medicine before I went to bed which made me very drowsy. Papat was talking to this panda guy (he’s not a psychopath, don’t worry.we just call him that) until 4/5am?? She’s crazy, I know. That’s why we’re bestfriends. Mela, on the other hand, slept late too and she woke up at 4am because she has this choir thingy in church. After that, she went to my house to pick me up so that we can go to Papat’s house and pick her up as well so that we can go to church. *YAAAAY..CHURCH! (lol)* When the priest was doing the homily, we were all like very sleepy and the priest was like saying something about Jesus being alive again which made us even more sleepy because the subject was like circulating or something. It all leads to one point. Just like what Papat had said earlier, he told us something in two paragraphs (or more) that someone can say in just 2 or 3 sentences. I know, crazy right? And I believe Mela when she said 99.9% probably didn’t understand what he said for some reasons.  Other than that, we just complained about how he delivered his speech which I feel very bad now. I’m sorry, priest. Hahahahahahaha. Anyway, after that we went to this convenient store called MiniStop. We sat there and just talked about random stuff. Then we eat and we talked again. Then voila, our future is already planned which is I think is pretty awesome. We thought of the name RABBIT HOLE for our cafe with books and stuff. So they can read while they’re drinking their coffee or eating a cookie or a cupcake or whatever we’re planning to serve. There’s also a little stage where we could have our jamming sessions. It’s actually all our interests combined so I’m very excited for that. Oh, and the name Rabbit Hole came from this book we’ve read, The Catastrophic History of You and Me. Adorable book. I suggest you read it.  I’m gonna end this now ’cause it’s 11pm and I have a 7am class tomorrow. It sucks. I don’t want to go but I need to because I don’t want to fail…again..not gonna let that happen again.

January 1, 2014


Hi!! How’s your “page 1 of 365” or whatever you want to call it. Haha I decided to make a blog before this day ends. I really don’t know what to write here though. The main reason I started this blog is to try something new this year. Something I haven’t done before. To be honest, I’m not really good with words and I hate essays or any writing activities. So, forgive me if you find my blog lame/boring or something like that. I mean..hey, I’m just a beginner so calm yo cupcakes (lol whuuut?) I write how I speak and right now, I’m trying to make this a bit formal and proper but I just can’t. Sorry for any foul languages or anything. Another reason for this blog is because of the blogs I’ve read before. There are A LOT of talented and inspiring writers/bloggers out there. I suggest you read a lot. It really helps. ☺

Anyway, enough with the reasons why I made this blog. Haha so it’s a new year..first of all, I would like to congratulate you. Yes, you. Whoever you are. I congratulate you for surviving the past years. Admit it. I’m pretty sure all of us experienced something unfortunate on the past years (if you haven’t then you’re too lucky). It’s not always a good day but it’s okay to have a bad one. I mean, it’s okay if you feel sad/depressed/tired/hurt. As long as you pick yourself up again. Anyway, those bad days are just challenges right? You can always get through it. All you have to do is try and never give up. It’s not always easy but you’ll get through it. Second. New Year’s Resolutions(NYR). I don’t have one. I’m afraid I won’t do it or I’ll just forget about it. But if you’re not as lazy as me then make one then. There’s no harm in trying. I’ll be setting goals, yes. But I don’t think it’s considered a NYR?? I don’t know haha. You judge. This blog will be one of my goals. I can’t promise that I’ll be active but I’ll try. Third and the last. I hope you’ll have a great year ahead. Make each moment memorable. And as for the past, treasure it. Even the bad ones. Don’t regret anything because there’s a reason behind that. Maybe a lesson to learn or maybe you don’t know. Just don’t regret it. It’s been part of your life you might as well accept it. Thanks for reading my very first blog. ♥

“One day, your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”




To the people in the picture above. Thanks for being a part of my 2013 journey. I hope we’ll be together until who knows how And sorry if it’s a bit of a fail. I’ll do better pictures/edits next time. Happy New Year again! x